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GFC Virtual Concert and Encore  | DEC 2020

GOD Faith Choir from Carson, California in association with Invincinal Entertainment brought two heart-warming community virtual concerts for the 2020 holiday season; enjoyed internationally in the United States and the Philippines. Happy Holidays, Maligayang Pasko, and Happy New Year!

Lucille and Ver 6-7-2020 Family and Comp


Triple Celebration: Graduation and Anniversaries | JUN 2020

First performance in months: choral singing for Mass and various Tagalog, OPMs, and Musical songs. No other words for this night... Simply, thank you so much for having us and sharing this intimate moment together. ​ 



With over 15 years of performance experience on stage as a singer-actor, Lyndon's repertoire includes the ear-softening melodies of pop; the triumph and tragedy of musical theatre's rich emotional declarations; the classic heft of oldies and folk-tunes; the meditative prayers of religious ballads; and, to the heart-melting Tagalog OPMs he's sung since he was a child.


• Upbeat Pop and Pop Ballads

• Musical Theatre: Classic and Contemporary

• Oldies and Classic-Folk 

• Religious Ballads

• Classic Tagalog and OPM

Specific songs are available upon request.


Maybe Pigs Fly | Westlake Lake Session

Maybe Pigs Fly is the first song I've ever written in 2012 with dear high-school friend Raymond Sun. This marked the beginning of my adventures composing music, writing lyrics, and creating original content with my guitar.


Special thanks to Alec Bardin acting as my camera-man and live audio engineer; to friends Jonathan Padron, Nate Adamsky,  and Sean Mcgee; the band Singular Nature; audio-engineer Jiwon Jeon, and maestros Nicholas Hylander and Gabrielle Pilar, all who have been present throughout this process.


Thank you for anyone who comes across this; hope it brings you as much joy as it did us making it.


Ms. Alice Birthday | FEB 2020

An incredible experience at Long Beach sharing religious hymns and ballads at Ms. Alice's Birthday celebration. So many beautiful moments that evening like when everyone began singing 'Can't Help Falling In Love.' What a wonderful night! 

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